Op-Ed Article: Kahn, S. (2020, March 06). How education helped american women ma

Op-Ed Article: Kahn, S. (2020, March 06). How education helped american women make history. Retrieved February 04, 2021, from https://time.com/5797922/women-higher-education-history/https://time.com/5797922/women-higher-education-history/
Prompt: Write an annotated bibliography for the article. Be sure to include a summary, assessment and reflection of the article. Your reflection should address the following: “Loan debt takes longer to pay back for women. What implications does this have on many single-parent households? How is this an injustice to what we’ve heard our entire lives? Many of us are told that success is, “going to college and getting a good job. Why is it not that simple?”
Students should answer the prompt using both their personal opinions and the knowledge that they have gained throughout this course or similar courses. The prompts will be connected to course readings, course objectives, and current events. Students’ answers must always be 3 paragraphs with 4-5 sentences per paragraph. Students must also respond to at least one other students’ reflections.

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