Only use this for the source: Textbook (Links to an external site.), Chapter 1:

Only use this for the source: Textbook (Links to an external site.), Chapter 1: “What is a Social Problem?”
To receive full credit on this assignment, you must answer the following question(s) completely and correctly with specific, and properly cited, reference to course material. Answers should utilize complete sentences, be clearly and professionally written, and be free from spelling, grammar, word choice, and syntax (sentence construction) errors.
WRs submitted up to a 72 hours late will have a minimal point deduction. Those submitted 3 days or more late will be awarded a maximum of half credit. There are no resubmits or regrades on already-graded assignments, so please be sure to submit your best work the first time.
1. Sociologist C. Wright Mills makes a distinction between viewing something as a “personal trouble” and a “public issue.” What does this mean? Choose a social problem and describe how it would might be defined or explained if it was understood as a “personal trouble” versus how we would understand it if we viewed it as a “public issue” instead (the textbook uses unemployment and eating disorders as two examples here. You can use one of those, or pick your own instead.)
2. Define the functionalist, conflict, and interactionist perspectives in sociology. For each of these perspectives, give a real-world example which helps to illustrate it (you can take this example from course material or from your own life/experiences).

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