Now, for your essay, please analyze the conversation created between these two p

Now, for your essay, please analyze the conversation created between these two poems, referring as you do so to the literary devices employed in each, and explicating them—in other words, how do the literary craft choices create effect? Pay close attention to rhetorical situation, use of image and figurative language
(for example, the parts of metaphor), use of sound (music of the line, form, etc.), and other specific literary devices you notice. This essay in essence asks you to consider very tangibly how a poem creates an experience or response, so you must use the literary terms we’ve studied as you explicate the original work, and then the
ways the response creates conversation. In addition to considering the “how” of the poems (explication), consider the “what”—what is the effect or experience of each poem (analysis)? And what is the overall conversation taking place? This essay will require that you make some claims, such as a thesis statement or central claim of
your own thinking.Be sure you include a source list, citing the poems you are explicating plus any other sources you consult (you are welcome to use the sources we’ve read, including any
course handouts or lectures, the CWU library database, Google Scholar, or other sources to find scholarly approaches to your poem). Use MLA format. Please include, at the end (so not a part of the 3-5 pages count, though you should also quote from them in the essay itself), the text of the two poems with which you are engaging (as
an appendix of sorts, so we can see them as we read).
Link to poems
Black Stone Over a White Stone: Poems by César Vallejo and Donald Justice

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