must be composed as Microsoft word documents and should adhere to APA formatting

must be composed as Microsoft word documents and should adhere to APA formatting guidelines. Each assignment should be about two pages, not including the cover page and the reference page.
Assignment 1—Comparative Analysis
A comparative analysis refers to the comparison of two or more ideas, whether that is models, theories, or investments.
Because of the remote location of your current job, your employer has offered all employees the option of using $5,000 towards purchasing a car. You have decided to buy a car and realize the need for a comparative analysis to help you choose between buying a new car, buying a used car, and leasing a car. Complete a thorough comparative analysis of these options indicating your decision and the reasoning behind it.
Assignment 2—Financing College Education
A key factor in deciding on which college to attend is how to pay for it. In recent years, the cost of college has steadily increased significantly, forcing students and parents to become more creative in planning for college.
Discuss the options available to finance a college education including scholarships, grants, federal aid, and loans. What advice would you give to someone who is about to start his/her college education? How many loans should one get? How should paying for a college education be part of one’s financial plans?

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