Most of these elements have been completed and revised. Please complete the miss

Most of these elements have been completed and revised. Please complete the missing elements and format accordingly. See attached documents. MINI-CONCEPT PAPER ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS Using the feedback that has been given throughout the term, please write a mini-concept paper. The mini-concept paper is similar to a concept paper that one would do for a dissertation/project proposal. The paper should include the following elements in order: • Introduction • Problem Statement • Conceptual/Theoretical Framework & Diagram • Research Paradigm • Purpose Statement • Significance of the Study • Research questions (2-3 questions either quantitative or qualitative) • Hypotheses if appropriate (quantitative studies only) • Chosen Method (Fixed, Flexible, or Mixed-Methods) with rationale • Chosen Design (Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed-Methods) with rationale • Chosen Design Method (i.e., Correlation, Case Study, Phenomenological, etc.) with rationale • Summary This is a narrative assignment and should be written with the proper APA headings and subheadings. Remember, there must be context, so these items should not be listed merely in bullet form. This assignment requires a title page and a reference page, though an abstract is not required. There should be a minimum of five sources, but will likely contain more and be written in proper APA format. The total length of the assignment will vary, but the average is between four and six pages.

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