Malcom X movie on Netflix This assignment is utilizing popular media (films, mov

Malcom X movie on Netflix
This assignment is utilizing popular media (films, movies) as the basis for an analysis of understanding human behavior in his/her environment. Some at-risk groups, such as women, lesbian and gay persons, people of color, those with disabilities, or based on religious beliefs, suffer the consequences of discrimination, economic hardship, and oppression.
This assignment will require you to choose a movie which presents race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, stereotypes, oppression, disability or difficult life issues as its central theme. You can either choose a movie from the attached list or your own movie as long as it meets the assignment guidelines and you receive approval from the instructor. After viewing the movie you should analyze the movie by writing a short paper (6 pages) covering the following:
1. Introduction: One page (3 points).
* Describe the theme primarily depicted in the movie you watched.
* Briefly describe the main plot of the movie.
* Provide a rationale for why the group depicted in the movie is a population at risk.
2. Analysis – Use your references in this section. Four pages (total 13 points)
* Describe examples of stereotyping, discrimination, oppression, and injustice found in your movie. Be sure to share your rationale along with five peer-reviewed professional journal articles (3 pages–10 points: Three points deduction for each in excess or reduce page)
* Describe any evidence of intergenerational transmission of these Lifeways, if presented.
* Capture one scene from the movie you watched that you think makes the most powerful statement about the central theme upon which it is based. Include your rationale for selecting this particular scene. Describe the scene briefly and its relevance to your paper (one page–3 points)
3. Conclusion: One page (4 points)
* What are the implications for social workers who serve clients representing the group(s) in the movie you watched?
* Discuss what you learned about yourself through watching the movie and completing the assignment.
This assignment is a paper and should be written in the format described above. Beside the text book, use/refer a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed journal articles. The articles from journals should be within the last 5 years. Students are expected to use the APA format. The grading criteria that will be used for this paper will be:
• Adherence to assignment guidelines
• Content
• Organization
• Demonstration of critical thinking
• Clarity of thought
• Writing and language usage

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