Learning Outcomes: Explain major sociological concepts, theories, and perspectiv

Learning Outcomes:
Explain major sociological concepts, theories, and perspectives.
Apply sociological concepts to personal, social, and career-specific issues.
Demonstrate critical thinking skills in writing through the application, analysis, and synthesis of sociological theory and research.
Identify a culturally specific issue in one’s career and explain potential research-based solutions/interventions that will enhance cultural awareness.
Write a three-to-five-page paper in which you will apply the following:
Make sure you provide an cover page (your name, title, career path, etc.)
Clearly identify your future career path and why you have chosen it
Apply, analyze and incorporate the sociological concepts to your future career goals, (the problems, challenges or issues, if any,) that are faced in your career choice
Explain how what you have learned in Sociology will enhance your future career path (moving to a manager’s position)
Include APA style writing citations, for in-text and listing references
Note: Use the “Empirical Research Study” and “Paper Outline” assignments as a guide to your paper.

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