Leaders must understand the importance of the brand to business success and sust

Leaders must understand the importance of the brand to business success and sustainability. It is important for you to reflect on the last nine weeks and the relevance of marketing to optimizing a brand. The theme park scenario you have worked on will, someday, not be a purely hypothetical situation to you. You will be faced with real-world crises and challenges. There will be critical roles for marketing and other functional departments to play when they arise.
One of the important factors in your personal success will be how you brand yourself. What do you represent? Why should you be the “go-to” future leader of an organization? Why should you be the first choice as that leader? You are being asked to self-reflect on what you want your personal brand to be.
In your initial post, you should address the following questions based on what you learned in this course:
What are at least three key course takeaways that resonate with you and that you may use in your current or future workplace? Explain how they resonate with you.
When thinking of attributes of an effective leader, what personal brand traits do they appear to possess?
Describe your desired personal brand. How can being a lifelong learner help with reaching your desired personal brand image?

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