Instructions: You are the President of an athletic organization. This organizati

Instructions: You are the President of an athletic organization. This organization can be hypothetical. After reviewing the assigned readings for this week, please compose a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation (approximately 10-12 slides, excluding the title slide and reference page slide) about “Challenges in Functional Areas Applied to Sport Management.” Your PPT should be written in a way to serve as a training tool to educate interns working for your athletic organization. Your PPT should include: I. Introduction. Be sure to identify your athletic organization, and include some history, positions, to whom does it report, etc. II. Explain the importance of each functional area (i.e., planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating) associated with your athletic organization. Also, provide one (1) example for each of the aforementioned functional areas in order to support information that is presented. Planning: A functional area of management that includes defining organizational goals and determining the appropriate means by which to achieve those desired goals. Include a mission statement. Organizing: A functional area of management that focuses on putting plans into action by determining which types of jobs need to be performed and who will be responsible for doing these jobs. Leading: A functional area of management that is the “action” part of management process; it involves a variety of activities, including delegating, managing differences, managing change, and motivating employees. Evaluating: A functional area of management that measure and ensures progress toward organizational objectives by establishing reporting systems, developing performance standards, observing employment performance, and designing reward systems to acknowledge successful work on the part of employees. Use two-three slides for each of the aforementioned functional areas. Also, identify each type of functional area’s name (i.e., planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating) as a subtitle. Feel free to include a color background, organizational logos, photos, graphics….all are important in holding the attention of a audience. No long paragraphs with small type….it’s better to create additional slides with larger type so that an audience can easily ready your content. Also, use bullet points on slides and the Notes feature on each slide for detailed explanations. A minimum of five (5) references should be cited both at the end of the PPT, and on-slide (or in Notes) where each reference is used. III. Concluding Summary Please clearly identify each of the aforementioned sections above (I, II, and III). Your PPT must include at least five (5) references. Use the APUS Online Library, the Internet, and SPMT200 assigned readings to locate publications to complete your PPT. These literary sources need to be cited where they are used and included as references. Submission Directions: Please submit your assignment as a Microsoft PowerPoint (.doc or .docx), not an Adobe .pdf, titled

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