Instructions:- – Use Case Studies – Infographic Graphs and others -The graphs

– Use Case Studies
– Infographic Graphs and others
-The graphs to be editable
-Facts and Statistics need to be provided
– Charts and diagrams
– References
The Essay Questions:-
1. What does the future science mean?
2. Describe the History and the revolution of the future sciences?
3. What are those sciences that could be considered under the Future Sciences?
4. What is the importance and critical demand of the future sciences?
5. What are the principles and methodologies on which future science depends?
6. How to establish a generation and institutions strongly based on future sciences?
7. What if there is an organization or ministry dedicated to future sciences, what are the strategy and objectives of this ministry look like? What is the form of its organizational and operational structure? What are the roles and responsibilities to deliver the desired values ? In addition, what products and services does this ministry provide to the state?
8. What are the multiple dimensions of future sciences? ( Political, Medical , Technological, Scientific, Strategic, Humanities, Social and vital )
9. What is the relationship of the Future Sciences and the Proactive solutions and How I can the leverage the optimum benefit and maximize the outputs?
10. what does Future-ready organizations mean and how can we convert the existing ones to be become a Future-ready organizations?

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