Innovations in Biology and Technology – Finding Information Sources and Outline

Innovations in Biology and Technology – Finding Information Sources and Outline
Choose one of the provided topics (see list below, a-e).
Review Is My Source Credible? from the UMGC library.
Search the library and/or the internet to locate 3 reliable information sources that you may use for this assignment. The purpose of this step is to get the research process started; you are not required to use these information sources in the final version of your assignment.
Write 1-2 sentences for each information source explaining why you believe these sources are reliable using what you learned from the UMGC library article.
Write references to the 3 information sources in APA format:
Create an outline for the writing assignment. The outline should be in a bullet list format and include the major topics that you plan to include in your assignment, with some supportive detail for each topic. It should not be a draft with full sentences and paragraphs. Here are two resources that may be helpful as you write your outline:
UMGC (2020) Outlining What You Will Write.
UMGC (2020) Prewriting and Outlining.
d) Bioprinting. Your father has been on a waitlist for a new kidney for several years, but no match has been found. You hear about bioprinting on the news and decide to do some research so you can tell him about it. Start with an explanation of what bioprinting is, and how the process works. Relate it to what you have learned about cells, tissues, and organs. What are the benefits of bioprinting? What are the current challenges? What are stem cells and how can they be used for bioprinting? What is bioink and how is it used for bioprinting? Include a least two examples of current research in this field, and conclude with predictions for the future. Finally, do you believe that your father could benefit from this technology in his lifetime?

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