Individual Submission 2 It is essential that Planners understand the link betwee

Individual Submission 2
It is essential that Planners understand the link between their project plan and practicalities on site. They need to understand site layouts working within the project constraints, and on occasion will be required to advise on the feasibility of proposed construction methods, including their impact upon programme.
With this in mind, you are required to propose a construction methodology for the project, which could have a positive impact on your coursework 1 programme, through shortening the duration on site. Your proposal should identify why you are proposing the particular construction method, and the benefits to the programme of the same.
The purpose of the individual submission is to allow you to reflect upon the project delivery plan you have produced and demonstrate an understanding of the adoption of Modern Methods of Construction can impact the project.
Your proposal is to be in the form of a written report (1000 words +/- 10%, excluding references) and, if applicable, supporting diagrams and programme(s).
If you exceed 1,100 words, the extra words will not count to your grade and may not be read.
You are to submit your work electronically via turn-it-in.

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