In this project i have to wrote about the foster care system in ontario. What i

In this project i have to wrote about the foster care system in ontario. What i would need help with is adding on to the work that i have written. I need my work to be a total of 6 pages complete. I have two pages so far. IF you find information i would need the link to them to add them to my bibliography. Thank you so much and here is the work I have done so far:
The child welfare system is a system committed to help protect children and youth in challenging family situations. The child welfare system must intervene when there is suspicion of physical/sexual harm by commission, harm by omission or neglect, emotional harm, separation from parent/caregiver or caregiver capacity. Despite their obligation to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and youth, in addition to strengthening the capacity of families, the child welfare system remains a system that requires growth.
According to Statistics Canada, in Ontario in 2019, 12,385 children aged between 0-17 are placed into the child welfare system whether that would be informal kinship care, custody care or legal custody. Regardless of the age of the child or youth entering the foster care system and being brought to a place of safety, they continue to face adversity. Some of these adversities are seen through the number of placements, the number of youth on the Social workers caseload, the unresolved trauma, in addition to having to foresee their transition to independence at the age of 18.
On average children and youth in the child welfare system are placed into seven different placements. There are many misconceptions about the reasons for the number of placements, often related to the behaviour of the child/youth. However the factors contributing to these moves are often related to a lack of foster parents, the gaps in training offered and the lack of support offered to the potential and current caregivers, cultural, spiritual and sexual orientation differences or lack of understanding.
Due to high numbers of children and youth accessing services from the child welfare system, the social workers, on average maintain an active caseload ranging between 12 to 20 children and youth5. The ability of the worker to properly support and provide individual adequate services to all of her clients, often with complex needs, causes significant challenges. These challenges are very significant for the youth transitioning to independence as they often lack the support and life skills to properly transition into adulthood between the ages of 16 and 21. In turmoil these children and youths are now being faced with a second traumatisation resulting in lack of trust and respect not only for their worker, but for all possible past and current loving adults. The transition to isolation, the lack of a support system, the lack of social and financial skills are some repercussions faced by these children and youth..
Despite the efforts put forth by the child welfare system and the many improvements made in their services, there is still work to be done. Advocacy, skills and adequate support is needed to continue to improve the services offered to the children and youth in their care. The voice of the child is needed to contribute to the development of programming, training for staff and foster parents in addition to providing fair services to all to the children and youth they serve.
I would not want anything deleted off my part of what was written but i would like thins to be added or modified. P.S this does need to be double spaced.

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