In recent months, North Korea, under leader Kim Jong-un, and Iran, under Hassan

In recent months, North Korea, under leader Kim Jong-un, and Iran, under Hassan Rouhani, has begun to ramp up testing of their nuclear weapon programs – despite constant protests and outcry from the international community. Your task is to investigate how the international community – both organizations and individual nations – have reacted to North Korea and Iran’s nuclear testing programs. In a written response, answer the following questions (along with any others that you may come up with). 1) Why have North Korea and Iran gone forward with this program? 2)How have individual nations, including Canada, reacted to these tests? 3)How have international organizations, such as the UN or NATO, reacted to these tests? 4)What are some of the consequences of these tests? 5)What has the international community done to convince North Korea and Iran to halt their testing? 6)What are some options available to the international community to help safeguard against the threat of nuclear attack from one or both of these nations? 7)Which course of action do you feel is best? Why?. Your report should be about 1.5-2 pages long and provide evidence of critical thinking, analysis, and solid research. Be sure to include both proper footnotes and a bibliography page in proper Chicago formatting.

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