In order to act properly, Christians must think clearly and biblically.  Explori

In order to act properly, Christians must think clearly and biblically.  Exploring the Bible for the topics of wealth and poverty fits into a larger framework of Christian Economics.  That is, a view of economics that takes into consideration important perspectives on the Bible’s view of humanity, sin, and redemption.
This assignment looks at a few key biblical passages to begin the process of building this larger Christian framework for understanding economics.  A number of categories will guide your review and formation of these key principles.  From this broader view, Christians can develop more specific action steps to address issues that galvanize our culture regarding wealth and poverty.
Read:  Economics and the Christian Worldview: 12 Theses
Read:  Christian Economics: Myth or Reality?
Read:  “The Law ” by Bastiat (pages 1-20) (Please be aware that Bastiat lived in the 19th Century, so his terminology is not always used the same way as we do today. 
For example, when referring to “democrats” he is not talking about the modern Democrat Party).
Download and complete the “Christian View of Economics Chart ” as instructed on the chart.
Support your work with scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided.  Use of APA format is required for citation and the References page.

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