“In five to six typed, double-spaced pages, with one-inch margins, address the a

“In five to six typed, double-spaced pages, with one-inch margins, address the assignment below. I would like to see a clear, precise expression of thesis, and paragraphs with good structure—moving from topic to illustration, with emphasis both on analysis in your own terms and on citations from our texts. Whatever subject(s) you pursue, I will be looking for evidence of reading our sources although that does not have to comprise the entirety of the essay by any means.” – My Professor
Compare and contrast any two of the six movements and/or persons found on the following list. You might want to treat the assignment as a historical narrative, describing a movement from one stage of the avant-garde to another, and the contrasts therein. Possible subjects include any two of the following:
-Jarry and/or the “banquet years”
-Marinetti and/or Italian Futurism
-Huelsenbeck and/or Dada
-Breton and/or Surrealism
-Mayakovsky and/or Russian Futurism
-Brecht and/or Benjamin
(Note from me to you, my Paper Help writer: Please choose whichever two movements/figures you feel most familiar/comfortable with; I have included all of their respective readings. I have also included an attachment of one of my classmates papers for you to get an idea of the writing level and style. However, should you choose to write on Russian Futurism and Brecht as she did, please do not model it directly after her paper.)

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