In Assignment 2A: Portfolio–Opportunity selection you identified the problems of

In Assignment 2A: Portfolio–Opportunity selection you identified the problems of a particular market segment, and designed an innovative solution that addresses their needs. That was the fun part, where fantasies and imaginations are free to roam. Now we have to bring the idea down for a reality check, which means that the initial idea might change. In other words, you are not confined to stick with what you submitted for Assignment 2A. In fact, we encourage you to evolve the innovation as you come across obstacles or issues that did not cross your mind before you used the frameworks given in this assignment.
In this assignment, you will be given two frameworks and you must complete the tasks below:
1. Create a complete BMC of your proposed innovation.
2. Provide an elaboration of your BMC by answering the four ‘gaps’ questions (outlined in Step 2 below) that businesses have to be aware of when launching their offering to the market.
The following steps outline the tasks that you will undertake in this assignment in detail.
Step 1: Create a complete BMC
As you know by now, the BMC by Osterwalder & Pigneur (2010) provides a template of nine building blocks, which is aimed at equipping new ventures before they are launched.
You must complete all nine building blocks by integrating/using concepts of services marketing provided from the Lovelock, Patterson, and Wirtz (2014) readings. The outputs of this task will be a one-page BMC, highlighting the summary of your elements.
If you haven’t already, download your editable Business Model Canvas (PDF 72 KB) Download Business Model Canvas (PDF 72 KB) , which you should use for this assignment.
The one-page BMC does not count in the word count. You should submit this as a separate PDF file using the template provided. Refer to the Supporting resources section for example BMCs to guide you in developing your own, as well as referring back to Weeks 3–7.

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