I’d like for you to write about 500 words. The assignment is worth a potential 1

I’d like for you to write about 500 words. The assignment is worth a potential 10 points. To get into the A-range, give a thoughtful response to each of the prompts. If you’re content with a score in the B-range, answer only 4 and meet the word-count requirement.
1) Why do you think Baldwin describes education as a paradox?
2) Baldwin says that every society takes “certain things” for granted, and that education in every society seeks “to perpetrate the aims of society”. What did we take for granted in this class that our society also takes for granted? Did the way we studied philosophy in this class perpetrate the aims of our society? If so, how?
3) Do you think the education you’ve received so far in your life has created “the ability to look at the world for [yourself]” and “to make [your] own decisions” and “to ask questions of the universe, and then learn to live with those questions”? What about in this class in particular?
4) Baldwin thinks that if a society gets what it “really, ideally, wants” it will actually cause that society to perish. What does a society really want, according to Baldwin? Why would it be destructive for society to get it? How can the right kind of education prevent this destruction?
5) Baldwin says forming our own identity means living with questions, not with answers. Why do you think someone might say this? Do you think it’s true?

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