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This case study analysis is the first of two formative tasks that will support your understanding of key course concepts and the elements of a successful consultation for an organization—that is, diagnosing problems, creating a plan to address the specific problems, and the practical implications of implementing a plan. Throughout this module, you have reviewed multiple psychometric assessments. Now, you will gain hands-on experience by conducting a specific psychometric assessment.
Review the case study about Tesco’s recruitment and selection practices.
Imagine that you are the consultant in charge of the Tesco account. It is time to evaluate existing hiring procedures for the company and to make any suggestions for change.
Specifically, consider the effectiveness of the current methods used to recruit and hire employees.
In your analysis, ensure that you address the following questions:
What is Tesco doing right?
What changes to the way that prospective employees are measured (evaluated) might enhance the overall hiring process? Use your creativity to expand the case study, as needed, to illustrate your points.
Use at least two outside sources to support your position on the effectiveness of the current methods used to recruit and hire employees.
Rubric is attached

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