Hi all, Hope that you all doing well. I urgently need help with below mentioned

Hi all,
Hope that you all doing well.
I urgently need help with below mentioned Episode of Care-Bed bath essay; Nursing
It has to be an essay with 1000 words on an ‘episode of care’ in practice- in this case bed bath.
Here are the Learning Outcomes (LO) that you will aim to achieve by the end of the module 📈 🚀Demonstrate professionalism and integrity within recognised professional, ethical and legal frameworks. 🚀Develop and exhibit effective communication and interpersonal skills which demonstrate safe, effective compassionate care. 🚀Recognize the need to share and disseminate information within the multidisciplinary team, and with service users and carers. 🚀Under supervision, begin to develop basic competence skills in assessment, and the safe delivery of foundational practice. 🚀 Develop the skills required to demonstrate self-management in a variety of settings.
Episode of care-Important- Learning outcomes-The student is able to:
• Work in partnership with the person receiving care, their families and carers (where appropriate), can undertake an accurate assessment and provide evidence based, compassionate and safe nursing care.
• Demonstrate understanding and can apply the relevant knowledge and skills to meet the individual’s needs relating to dignity, comfort, hygiene and mobility.
• Communicate effectively utilising appropriate verbal and non-verbal skills in the delivery of person-centred care decisions, taking into consideration the use of personal communication aids as appropriate.
• Identify the impact of lifestyle choices on the individual’s mental and physical health and wellbeing and demonstrates the principles of health promotion and preventing ill health.
• Demonstrate that they have maintained professional values and demonstrates knowledge of safety and safeguarding for the person receiving care and the carers and/or family.
The Powerpoint below outlines the requirement for the 1000 word case study on an ‘Episode of Care’ (EOC) which has been observed in practice by the Practice assessor. You must outline the care provided with rationale to support why and how you did it. Supporting information that demonstrates your understanding of the code and compassionate and safe nursing care must be the essence of the case study.
4025NHS episode_of_care_presentation.pptx- see 1st support doc for more info
An assignment brief outlining the structure of the case study is provided to guide your work. Focus on the question asked or the Learning Outcomes (4,5) you are being assessed on.
****4025 nhs_assignment_brief.docx— see 2nd support doc attached for more information
Your work will be marked against the Rubric provided below. You must pass in all 4 components in the Rubric.
UG Marking Criteria.docx— see 3rd support doc for more information
Recap your academic writing skills by reading through this resource. Content related to the Learning Outcomes, Grammar and structure of the case study and Referencing is particularly looked at to assess your work. Please find below two pieces of work for you to read. Read the rubric and mark these pieces of work against the criteria. We will discuss further on the assignment launch day.
4025nhs_example essay.docx—see 4th support doc for more information
The APA guide is already available in the Future Learn Platform; however, for your reference I have attached the guide to follow for this course work.
APA Ref Guide.pdf-see 5th support doc for more information attached
Lastly to see of what i have briefly mentioned about this observation please 6th attached file** ***Please use the attached 6th support document to to base your writing.
Any questions welcome
The Royal Marsden Maual of clinical nusing procedures is a particularly useful resource in Practice Modules (even to write your essays!)
****Essential Reading list:
List Brooker, C., and Waugh, A. (2013) Foundations of Nursing Practice: Fundamentals of Holistic Care. 2nd edn. Philadelphia: Elsevier Dougherty, L., Lister, S. and West-Oram, A. (2015) The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures 9th Edn. UK: Wily-BlackwellThe module is underpinned by the NMC Future Nurse Standards of Proficiency for Registered Nurses (2018); Realising Professionalism: Standards for Professionalism and Education (2018) for nursing and midwifery
**Adult: Sharples, K. (2011) Learning to Learn in Nursing Practice. Cornwall: Learning Matters Ltd Jasper, M. (2013) Beginning Reflective Practice. 2nd edn. Andover: Cengage Learning Griffith, R., and Tengnah, C. (2017) Law and Professional Issues in Nursing. 2nd edn. Cornwall: Learning Matters Child: Glasper, A., Aylott, M., and Battrick, C. (2010) Developing Practical Skills for Nursing Children and Young People. London: Hodder Arnold Ltd Coyne, I., Neill, F., and Timmins, F. (2010) Clinical Skills in Children’s Nursing. Oxford: University Press Mental Health: Callaghan, P. and Gamble, C. (2015) Oxford Handbook of Nursing. Oxford: Oxford: University Press Steen, M. and Thomas, M. (2015) Mental Health Across the Lifespan. London: Routledge. Learning Disabilities: Department of Health (2012) Strengthening the Commitment: The report of the UK Modernising
***Learning Disabilities
Nursing Review. London: HMSO Gates, B. and Mafuba, K. (2014) Learning disability Nursing: Modern Day Practice. UK: CRC Press

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