Hello my name is Nayansi and I would greatly appreciate this paper… I didn’t g

Hello my name is Nayansi and I would greatly appreciate this paper… I didn’t get to to go class because I was taking care of my mom who has been sick, so I have been back and forth to Mexico for her treatment… So the teacher doesn’t really know me lol. She gave me a chance to turn in my paper late so I will give this a go lol… I have attached bellow her direct instructions but I wanted to add some notes! <
-Its a “self” paper, please feel free to make up a fictional 22 year old girl character and make me out to be whoever you want lol. <
-I will attach a photo of the concepts in the book as well as a screen shot of what the book is called so you can cite it. <
-Its a psychology book so anything you find online just say you found it on the book lol. <
-Personally, i think this is the easiest essay you can bullshit, and if I had the time I would simply do it myself. But its either I pay for this essay or redo the class….<
-please don’t stress too much, she knows im not going to turn in the best essay, so if I even get one its a A+ for me lol<
I literally love you already,<
Students will select two social psychological concepts from our class textbook. Your Research Paper will adhere to this structure: Your first section, Thesis and Literature Review, must contain a well-focused thesis and your two theories/concepts that you are researching. The literature must include material from our class textbook (2 sources) and 3 additional articles that summarize your theories/concepts. All 5 sources must be properly cited both in this section and in your Works Cited section. <
Your Methods section will include data from your personality profile; 20 Statements Test (see below); your Myers-Briggs Personality profile and any other method (such as a Big 5 test, enneagram or EQ test) which may include either a qualitative research method (ex: interviews) or a quantitative research method (ex: surveys). Any of these methods are acceptable but it must be based on your “self”.<
Your Discussion section is a detailed analysis of your findings. This is a very thorough section and includes your personal perspectives, and your reactions from your Methods section.<
Your Conclusion section should contain an impactful summary that relates back to your thesis. It is also suggested that recommendations for future research is also included within your Conclusion. Works Cited includes all properly cited sources used within your paper.<
So to sum it up, consider the Individual Research paper Parts. Part 1 is the the 2 Modules you will be analyzing that fit your concept of yourself, Part 2 is your collection of the personality tests and reflections, including your conclusion. Your test results should be added at the end of your paper as an appendix.<
Additional 20 Statements Test Info:<
The 20 Statements Test is just asking the question, “Who Am I” by giving 20 one or two word answers that describe who you are. You do this; as well as giving it to friends, family, co-workers, classmates, significant other, etc.<
So yours would be I am ______ and whomever you give the Test to, it should be You Are____________<
So you should have something that looks like this when you take the Test:<
I am kind,<
I am smart<
I am creative<
I am stubborn<
Then 16 more descriptive phrases you have chosen for yourself for a total of 20 Statements<
Then whomever you give the Test to would look something like this:<
You are kind<
You are smart<
You are funny<
You are artistic<
Then 16 more descriptive phrases for a total of 20 Statements from others you give the test to.<
Give the 20 Statements Test to 3 people AND remember, you are also taking the same test. You then compare YOUR responses to the 3 people you have given the 20 Statements Test to. What responses are you surprised by, do you agrees with how you see yourself, what gives you something to think about in terms of what you would like to work on personally? Conclude with a thorough self-reflection and link back significant social psychological concepts you cited within your paper.<

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