Giving Instructions to Friends and Family Members Capítulo 4 (pp. 122, 130, 132-

Giving Instructions to Friends and Family Members
Capítulo 4 (pp. 122, 130, 132-133) presents the Present tense of stem-changing verbs (e to ie; o to ue; u to ue; e to i) verbs with irregular yo forms, affirmative tú commands, and the verb estar.
Paso 1
Go to page 130 to review the affirmative tú commands. Then, do Paso 2.
Paso 2
Next, write a mini composition(at least 15 complete sentences, in SPANISH). Write an e-mail to a friend that is his first time at a college, and using affirmative commands give him/her/their advice as recommendations.
You could start this way: Hola Iliana. Estoy muy feliz en Cerritos College. Los profesores son increíbles como mi profesor de español. En tus clases pon atención. Las lecturas son importantes. Habla con el profesor después de clase, etc. You could continue like do the homework, go to the library, etc.
Pick at least FIVE verbs that have irregular affirmative tú commands (pp. 130), FIVE regular verbs, and FIVE other verbs of your choice to write the e-mail to your friend. Do not usethe verb GUSTAR at all. Use vocabulary words, expressions, and verbs you have learned up to this chapter to move your story forward.In addition, I am attaching a list of words you can use as transitional words like next, following, then, later, etc.Actions

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