From Professor Must be done on Dumpster Diving (Attachment Included) 6) Compose

From Professor Must be done on Dumpster Diving (Attachment Included) 6) Compose a four-paragraph academic essay (introduction, two body paragraphs, conclusion), and upload the final draft to Turnitin. INSTRUCTIONS: This essay has an even more specific audience and writing purpose than your previous ones. For this essay, put yourself into the position of giving advice to a college-textbook publishing company (audience) who will be publishing a textbook that is organized by the themes we have discussed this semester: Education, Communication, Conformity and Rebellion, and Romantic Love. The publisher has decided to include Eighner’s “Dumpster Diving” in this textbook, but the company cannot decide in which thematic section the story belongs. That’s where your essay comes in (its purpose). Using the structure of an academic essay, answer this question in a thesis sentence: Into which one of these four themes would Eighner’s “Dumpster Diving” fit well: Education or Communication or Conformity and Rebellion, or Romantic Love? Answer that question in a thesis sentence. Each body paragraph should present one good reason that Eighner’s essay belongs in the category you indicated in your thesis, and that reason should be expressed in the body paragraph’s topic sentence. The topic sentence should be followed by a defense of your reason, which will, of course, include direct evidence from Eighner’s essay as part of it. Avoid presenting obvious, surface level reasons*. I’ve noticed that students often mistakenly create obvious thesis statements. But as we learned in unit one, a thesis that is too obvious will result in plot summary. Here’s an example: Eighner’s essay belongs in the Education category because he is informing us how to live as a dumpster diver. OR Eighner’s essay belongs in the Education category because he educates readers on many aspects of dumpster diving. (Both thesis sentences could apply to nearly any reading, so they are too generic—i.e., any reading could be said to inform and educate, but that doesn’t mean the author is actually writing about Education. Neither thesis is acceptable because neither presents a point Eighner is making about Education.). Here’s another common problematic thesis: Eighner’s essay belongs in the Conformity and Rebellion section because he rebels against societal norms. Again, that’s too obvious and will result in plot summary. For whatever theme you choose, DO ask yourself, what point is Eighner making about that theme? That will tell you whether it really does belong in that thematic section. For instance, all of the readings in our Conformity and Rebellion section are not just showing that people conform and rebel; that’s obvious and not really a “point.” They all portray rebelling as a positive act, though. That is a point. Do not use any outside sources for this essay; those who do will earn an automatic zero on the essay. Your tone should be academic and formal (see unit two lecture). Audience: You are writing to a college textbook publisher who is publishing a textbook that they’ve divided into thematic categories. Purpose: Your purpose is to persuade the publishers that Eighner’s essay belongs in the thematic section you identified in your thesis CITING: Any time you quote the story or summarize a detail from the story, cite Eighner in the sentence with a signal phrase. EXAMPLE: For the Works Cited page, just use the citation that I’ve included at the end of the story. Because this is a final essay, you cannot get help on it from a tutor or from me (I can clarify any aspect of the instructions that you do not understand, though).

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