Formatting checklist:<____ Times New Roman font<____ 1 inch margins<

Formatting checklist:<
____ Times New Roman font<
____ 1 inch margins<
____ 12-point font<
____ no header [no name, title, date, etc: all of this is automatically added by Dropbox]<
____ double-spaced<
____ Six full pages of text minimum<
Style checklist:<
____ I have used Spell Check to find most spelling errors<
____ I have re-read the text to catch any remaining mistakes<
____ I have formatted the paper properly<
____ I have minimized my use of passive voice (am / is / are / was / were)<
____ I have included short citations for all evidence: (“Permeable Boundaries,” 93)<
Writing checklist:<
____ I have a clear thesis at the end of the first paragraph<
____ I have answered the question directly<
____ I have a topic sentence that introduces each paragraph<
____ Every paragraph provides support for my thesis<
____ I have used specific evidence from readings in every paragraph<
____ I have a conclusion that summarizes my argument<
____ Every single word of this paper reflects my original ideas.<
____I have not consulted any outside sources.<
This is an intentionally broad question, so it will be up to you to figure out which angle to approach it from so you can narrow it down to a manageable length. I am happy to provide feedback on your ideas for how to write this essay, so please reach out for help and advice! Suffice to say that a six page paper really amounts to about 9 paragraphs, so think about what your strategy will be before you start writing. You might break it down chronologically by era, you might break it up by group (Indigenous women, working class women, enslaved women, etc), or you might think in terms of differences (political difference, social differences, economic differences, etc). Or you might think of some other unique way I haven’t even thought of. <
A successful essay will incorporate specific evidence from the assigned readings. I will evaluate your essays on the strength and clarity of the thesis, development of the argument, use of evidence, and writing style/grammar. Please see the attached Rubric Download Rubric . It explains in detail what you need to do to earn the most possible points on each essay. Keep in mind that the professor maintains the right to adjust the rubric score. You may not always earn full points in one category. Read the feedback carefully once your grade has been posted.<
You may also find it useful to use my Essay Guidelines Download Essay Guidelines to make sure you have correctly formatted your essay and framed your argument.<
This essay must be at least six full pages in length, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, and 12 point Times New Roman font. Only your name should appear at the top of the page. Papers that are below required length (even by half a page) will lose significant points from the total score.

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