FORMAT: Please adhere to the following format. Students who do not can have poin

FORMAT: Please adhere to the following format. Students who do not can have points deducted.
● Each topic (there are two in total) has its own length requirement, which does not include any bibliography, appendices, etc. So if the topic says “in two pages or less,” please note that those two pages are reserved for your analysis and argument. You can and should use additional pages for any endnotes, bibliography, appendix, etc., as you deem necessary.
● Your paper should be single-spaced, using 12 pt. Times New Roman font or 11 pt Calibri font.
● Please do not include a cover sheet, any photos (unless part of your bibliography/sources), or any other ancillary or unnecessary items.
● For any cited material, please make sure to use footnotes or endnotes to make it clear where you are utilizing or crediting the source. The citations for such sources can be written in any format, so long as the course instructor can find the stated source.
SOURCES & RESEARCH: You can and should use outside research and sources to help back up your position(s), which sources should be listed in a bibliography after your essay. I have provided several articles linked below and in Moodle that you can draw from, but please feel free to draw from other sources. Students who use outside research but do not include such bibliographical information will have points deducted.
ASSESSMENT: There are no right or wrong answers in this assignment. For assessment purposes, the instructor will consider the quality of your introspection and written communication based on the following matrix:
Content and Level of Thought – 60% (36 points): Students should demonstrate evidence of original thought, strong analytical and critical abilities, as well as an ability to consider points that are less obvious and require foresight. Students who are able to analyze and succinctly describe unintended consequences, likely future outcomes of incentives, contesting viewpoints, and negative externalities will be given higher marks. Additionally, while there are no right or wrong answers, it is important to come to conclusions and provide clearly stated opinions in relation to your analysis. In other words, merely “fence sitting” is not enough; it is important to come to conclusions in your response.
Writing Style – 20% (12 points): It is important that your response is well-written. The instructor is not looking for a specific answer, but it is important that he understands your answer, your analysis, your reasoning, etc. Elements to be considered include: clear and coherent drafting; good command of the English language and grammar; well organized sentences and paragraphs; etc. Please note, however, that this assignment – whether in whole or in part – can be written in the first person. You can say “I think” and use other personal statements. This is meant to be an introspective exercise, and therefore it is important for you to share how these topics affect you personally, or how you plan to apply the course learnings to your own life or career.
Presentation and Support – 20% (12 points): Good overall structure with consistent margins, headings, numbering, etc. Outside research was conducted, and the sources were properly cited and are of high quality and reliability. Although your essay can be personal and introspective, it is important to back up your ideas with outside sources, research, opinions, etc. While you can definitely get an “A” grade without including any outside research or sources, students who have external research and quality sources are more likely to get a higher grade.

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