Formal Paper #4 Assignment Expanding Curiosity about an Issue of Interest Writin

Formal Paper #4 Assignment
Expanding Curiosity about an Issue of Interest
Writing a Persuasive Research Paper
December 12, at 11:59 pm
For this culminating assignment, you are going discover a narrowed topic of great intrigue and interest! The topic must be debatable and one that allows for varied, in-depth research. Finding just the right, fresh topic requires a lot of background research and narrowing of ideas. Use the available resources to assist you. Find a fresh topic!
The key here is to take advantage of the College’s database in the library. To do so, go:
to the library link off Blackboard
to “Find articles and Databases”
to “Subject Guides”
Now, scroll through the subject guides to find databases that best meet your needs.
Some suggestions to start:
Academic One
Gale Virtual Resource Center
Project Muse
Google Scholar
Also, consider a few of the following websites:
NPR. Org
New York
Explore these “topics” web sites:
IDEA: International Debate Education Association
Debate Central
Public Agenda
Public Policy Issues and Groups.
Generating Your Topic
The secret to clustering or mind-mapping is to free yourself from rules. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or formatting. Just jot down ideas until you can’t think of anymore, then go back and make connections between the ideas. If an idea appeals to you, make it the center idea on a new piece of paper and brainstorm more details.
Once you have established a topic, you’ll complete a topic proposal and working bibliography. Stay away from the following topics, as they won’t be approved:
Gun control
Legalizing marijuana
Death penalty
Consider the following as you set up your paper:
Introduction: Hook, Importance of Issue, Common Ground, Thesis: Create a clear, specific, manageable thesis that presents your position on the issue you choose and your position.
Summary: Include a summary of the problem/ issue that you are focusing on, as it stems from the original piece you read for the paper assignment.
Analysis and Synthesis of Sources: Present not only key points and evidence that you observe from your sources but your own educated opinion, too. You can also check that you have asked and answered questions to discover some of the underlying basic principles of the original source texts. Break apart and bring together those voices in the conversation.
Counterargument/Rebuttal. Make sure to show that you understand the opposing viewpoints and that you are aware of the arguments against your position. When possible, refute the opposing idea with support to the contrary.
Conclusion. Leave us thinking at the end of your paper so we are urged to potentially act or seriously consider on your policy solution
✓ Outline
✓ At least one draft demonstrating significant change from final paper
✓ Minimum 5-7page essay with minimum of 6-7 substantive, reputable sources
✓ MLA format for paper: Formatting and In-text citation
✓ Works Cited page. Be sure to include MLA citation. Please look at an example in our text and further examples on the Purdue Owl website or Excelsior.
✓ Format: 12 pt. font/Times New Roman

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