For this section of your Content Area Portfolio, you will identify and succinctl

For this section of your Content Area Portfolio, you will identify and succinctly describe 4 strategies that you envision using in your teaching with a clear statement of how you will implement each strategy within the context of teaching content. You must include the following kinds of strategies:
2 reading strategies,
1 writing strategy, and
1 of any of the following: vocabulary-building; note-taking; discussion; or
group-work strategy.
If you need a reminder, refresher, or even inspiration, be sure to take a second or third look at any of the included text chapter selections, articles, or additional course materials on D2L that provide explanations of a wide array of strategies.
I do encourage you to think about which strategies you genuinely believe you will use and ones, moreover, which you think can be especially efficacious in supporting students’ disciplinary literacy growth.
For each of the strategies, you should provide the following:
a description of the strategy (i.e., What is it? What do students do?)
its value to your disciplinary area (i.e., How does it promote what is valued
in your disciplinary Discourse?)
its benefit to your students (i.e., How does it benefit or support students’
learning of content?)
an example of the strategy in use (i.e., Include a narrative of how you will
introduce it and support students’ use of it). Within this, be sure to include an example or description of any needed representations or tools essential to the strategy in use.
With this assignment, you might consider using sections with subheadings or some other appropriate organization to separate each strategy. Aim for a total of 4 – 5 pages, double-spaced.
(Note: See the “Student example” document below if you want to see an example of one approach to this assignment. Please note that I have not shared this because I think it is perfect, but I imagine it might be helpful to look at an example nonetheless.)

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