For this essay assignment, you are asked to apply course materials that we have

For this essay assignment, you are asked to apply course
materials that we have covered to response to two (2)of the following essay options. The respond to each option must be 350 words minimum and 600 words
maximum. The word count applies to the each essay option and not the smaller
questions within the option. It is important to draw on concrete
examples from recorded lectures, readings, and films. For each essay option,
you must draw on at least 3 terminologies from the textbook or lecture to apply
to your response.
points per essay option, 50 points total
Concretely responds to prompt questions
– 5 points per question, 10 pointstotal
350 words minimum per question –5 points
per question, 10 points total
3 terminologies per question – 5 points
per question, 10 points total
Concrete examples from course materials
– 5 points per question, 10 points total
Grammar/spelling/style – 5 points per
question, 10 points total
1. 1. Rituals are an important part of our school
experiences, be they graduation ceremonies or pregame pep rallies. They are
also an important and enduring part of our social lives that work to hold
communities together. What are some of the rituals that are performed at your
school (high school, college, or university), social club, family functions, or
workplace? Please give some attention to the details of the ritual. Why do
people practice these rituals? What are their purported meanings? How would you
classify these rituals (i.e. periodic ritual)? During which time of the year
are they practiced? Do they have social meanings or religious meanings, please
2. 2. Discuss a rite of passage that you have attended (please do not provide a
second-hand account of someone else’s experience).Some rights of passage
rituals are: circumcision ceremonies, baptism, quinceaneras, and military
induction, etc… Identify and describe the three phases according to the lesson
from chapter 4 “Ritual”. Give careful detail to the import of each phase of the
ritual. Be sure to incorporate key terms such “symbols” and “icons”. Please
identify concrete meanings from the ritual festivities. NOTE: You cannot write
on the same topic for essay option 1 and 2, you must pick different topics to
write about for each of the option.
3. 3. How is adulthood defined in U.S. culture
(socially, biologically, culturally)? Or you can use the example of the culture
that you are most familiar with. At what point is one considered or defined as
an adult? And why? Is one an adult because of biological reasons, social
reasons, religious reasons, etc…? Is there a rite or several rites of passage
that mark this transition?Are the rites of passages defined by gender? What are
the meanings and responsibilities that are projected on to an individual that
has transitioned into adulthood? Be specific in describing this. Be sure to use
terminologies that we have learned.
4. Choose a religious symbol that you are familiar
with and describe its meaning. How is this symbol connected to the myths and
worldview of the culture in which it is found?How is this symbol used? Where is
it stored? Draw examples from the course. You must articulate the meaning of the religious symbol within the
broader context that it is used. For example, Catholic symbols such as the
Virgin Mary are unique to that sect of Christianity which is not prominent in
others. Incorporate key terms that we have learned. You can focus on a rosary,
a bible, a buddha statue, etc..

Symbolic and Interpretive Anthropologies

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