For this assignment, you will read the introduction, watch the video, read the o

For this assignment, you will read the introduction, watch the video, read the overview, and then answer the questions as instructed. The grading rubric shows you how you will be graded on this video case study.
Henry Ford was and remains one of the “great” Americans. He changed the world with his invention of the assembly line. He was an innovator, an entrepreneur, a change agent, and a leader. His goal was to make having a car affordable for everyone. He succeeded.
Now watch this one-minute video: Henry Ford and the Assembly Line Process (Links to an external site.)
For your convenience, you can select the CC button when you are in the video for close captioned subtitles.
In the early 1900s, European companies were making cars one at a time, by hand, and it was taking several days to complete a single car. By 1913, Henry Ford decided to open his own car manufacturer, Ford Motor Company, with an innovative approach to making cars—the assembly line.
The idea behind the assembly line was simple: one person repeatedly does the same step in the manufacturing process. Essentially, they become an expert on one very particular part of making a car and then continue to employ that expertise over and over again. Ford only wanted to manufacture one car, the Model T, and this meant a very streamlined process. There were 84 steps that needed to be done for a completed Model T, and each assembly line worker remained stationary as the car moved down the line, being assembled one piece at a time. It now took only an hour and a half to build a car.
The ability for Ford Motor Company to produce so many cars so quickly allowed Ford’s vision to be fulfilled—give everyone who wanted a car the chance to own one. The assembly line changed manufacturing forever, from the way cars are made to jet engines, Henry Ford changed the world.
Respond to each of these questions. Your response to each question should be at least one paragraph. You just cite your book just as any other resource, using APA format. Be sure to include your own opinions, interpretations, and conclusions.
How did Ford’s approach to manufacturing fit the more modern quantitative viewpoint?
From a systems viewpoint, which part of the system did Ford change most drastically: inputs, transformational process, or outputs?
In your opinion, did Ford create a learning organization? Explain and justify your response.
Would Ford’s approach work in today’s society? Why or why not?
When complete, submit your document using the submission instructions below.

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