For this assignment you will propose a sociological study using any of the metho

For this assignment you will propose a sociological study using any of the methods discussed in you textbook (OpenStax Chapter 2.2 “Research Methods”). You may select a topic for study of your choosing, however, you must chose a topic that is sociological in its nature and scope. Although you do not need to actually complete the research, you also must choose a topic and methodology that would be realistic to study if you were indeed going to carry out the research. When selecting a topic, be sure to ask yourself these questions: Does my topic lend itself to a sociological analysis? In other words, make sure your topic focuses on a specific group of people. The group size can be large (women in the United States) or small (The Amish), but make sure your topic is relevant to more than just one individual person. What type of data am I looking to collect and what methodology will be most successful in collecting this data? If you are looking to collect quantitative data, is there an existing survey or data set that I can use to explore my question, or will I need to create my own survey or study? How can my research contribute to the field of sociology? What will my study attempt to understand about the larger social world? Your proposal will require the following elements (brief checklist): Introduction/ Research question A brief summary of relevant previous research that relates to your topic A description of your research design, what method(s) do you plan to use and why do you feel this method is the most appropriate for your topic? A sample of questions/codes you will use. Using one of the theoretical paradigms we’ve discussed this semester and the previous research on your topic, what results do you hypothesize from your research study? A reference/works cited page In more detail, these elements require: Statement of your research topic (Introduction): What is your research topic? Clearly define your research topic and question. Briefly explain why your topic is socially relevant (you will elaborate on this when you review the research). Brief summary of relevant research In one or more paragraphs, you must cite a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources (preferably other empirical studies) that are relevant to your proposed study. Research methods: Define a Target Population and/or Secondary Data Source: what group of people are you studying and what demographics must be present in your sample? (e.g. “my target population will be young adults raised in the Mormon religion between the ages of 18-25”). Why is this group your target population? If you are using secondary data analysis of an existing survey, you will still need to define your target population as it may not be all survey participants. However, if you are using films, books, or any other type of media- you must define what type of media you are using and why this media is ideal for examining your research question. The more specific here the better! State and defend your chosen methodology: Explain in detail what method you will use for your study (surveys, field research, secondary data analysis, etc.). Why is your chosen method the best methodology for your topic? Remember that the subject may dictate what methods you can and cannot use. For example, it would be hard to do a survey among the American Amish because they are a difficult community to access and get a representative sample from. Sample Questions/Codes: For Surveys/Secondary data analysis of surveys and In-depth Interview scripts: You will need to provide a minimum of 5 substantive research questions you will use in your data collection and analysis. Please don’t use demographical questions like age, race, etc., have questions that relate specifically to your research objective. The rationale for each question should be thoroughly explained and defended- even if you use questions from an existing survey (these questions can be found in the codebook for any existing database). For all other forms of secondary data analysis: You will need to provide a minimum of 5 codes or themes that you will use to analyze your secondary sources. The rationale for each code must be thoroughly explained and defended. Hypothesis/theory Based on your summary of relevant research and one of the theoretical paradigms, what do you expect to find in your study? Be as specific as you can and defend your hypothesis. It is not enough to simply say what your hypothesis is; you have to explain how you came to arrive at that hypothesis. References/Works cited page Using ASA, APA, or MLA, you must cite your sources within the paper and provide a reference page at the end of your proposal.

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