For this assignment, you need to write a letter to families, as if you were a te

For this assignment, you need to write a letter to families, as if you were a teacher, to introduce them to your preschool classroom. The letter must be at least two pages and should include proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Your letter should include the following:
Description of the developmentally appropriate learning environment you have created including the room arrangement, materials provided and the daily schedule.
Explanation of the curriculum goals, including the role of play and the development of skills to promote learning.
Examples of how you will encourage communication between families and the school/program . Be sure to consider the wide diversity of families and their needs.
Be sure to review the assignment rubric for more information on what is required and how the assignment will be graded.
The purpose of this activity is twofold, to:
Demonstrate an understanding of some the basic ideas you learned this semester about teaching young children.
Show your ability to explain these basic ideas to parents in a clear well written letter.
Since this letter would be sent to parents it should include clear language and good grammar.
This assignment is due December 15, 2021.

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