For any data, information, or the work of others: please provide the sources at

For any data, information, or the work of others: please provide the
sources at the end of the assignment (excluded from the 4-page limit).
DO NOT copy anything from the web or other sources. Cite them if you want to use the materials.
Please make sure you have acknowledged the sources of all information, pictures/photos and any ideas or viewpoints you have taken from the works of others. You MUST indicate these sources and references properly.
[This is a Fictional Case]
2) You are appointed by Disney+ to work as a Research Writer in Hong Kong. As a Research Writer, you are responsible for conducting program research to keep abreast of the latest trend and interest among the audiences in Hong Kong.
You are now asked to suggest the potential movies that should be purchased for the new series on Disney+. The theme is “postmodern films”.
In order to promote this new series for Disney+, you need to make a leaflet which contains 4 pages, with 4 movies in total. Write the brief introduction for this new series and also respective words for each movie selected.
Contents of your assignment:
P.1 – A cover page of the new series, “postmodern films”.
P.2 – Introduction of the new series. (no more than 400 words) P.3-4 – Introduction of the movies. (within 400 words in total) In this assignment, you will be assessed by:
i) Whether the overall layout is visually impressive and well-
organized, able to present the theme (10 marks);
ii) Whether the introduction of the new series is clearly written and
detailed, able to demonstrate thorough understanding of the
course concepts (15 marks);
iii) Whether the selection movies on list are consistent with the core
theme (5 marks)

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