Financial Valuation Project Milestone Forecasted Financial Statements This is th

Financial Valuation Project Milestone Forecasted Financial Statements
This is the third and final milestone assignment. This milestone completes the Financial Valuation project. In this assignment, you will complete the forecasted financials and select one approach to value the chosen company.
Based on industry trends, future plans of the company, and the information you have gathered, predict how the company will perform in the following year compared to competitors.
Specifically, the following elements must be addressed:
Forecasted Financial Statements.
Having analyzed the profitability and risk of each firm in the recent past, you are ready to project the financial statement amounts into the future.
Identify any important factors that are likely to change, such as a major divestiture or acquisition, changes in the economic or regulatory environment, or a change in business strategy.
The FSAP is programmed to compute all valuation approaches.
Select one valuation approach from the list below:
Present value of projected dividends (Chapter 11)
Present value of expected free cash flows (Chapter 12)
Residual income valuation (Chapter 13)
Market-based comparable (Chapter 14)
Address why you selected the approach noting the strengths and weaknesses of the model.
Discuss and analyze the valuation.
Compose a summation as to how the company is performing in relation to its competitors.
Be sure to base your answer on the valuation approach.
Would you advise a friend to invest in the company why or why not? Be specific in your reasoning.
Be sure to fully support your conclusion by including a variety of measures, not just one measure of financial health.
Guidelines for Submission:
Prepare your paper using Microsoft Word. Follow APA formatting guidelines using appropriate headings, double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Support your information with scholarly sources cited in APA format. For this part of the assessment, the spreadsheets completed in the FSAP template will be included in your financial valuation paper. Be sure you are adding the tables in the word documents in the position where you are analyzing the information.
Assignment Grading Criteria
Provided accurate forecasted financial statements.
Provided rationale for significant changes from the historical financials.
Selected an appropriate valuation approach.
Provided an accurate and detailed valuation.
Provided assumptions made for calculations and valuation approach.
Formatted the paper and cited all sources using APA format.
This project should be based off of the company yahoo!! Once milestone 2 is completed, I will Upload it ! & I will upload milestone 1..

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