Final Paper Instructions For your final paper, you must select a novel, poem, st

Final Paper Instructions
For your final paper, you must select a novel, poem, story, television show or film and present a detailed analysis of it using ideas from the course.
Essentially, this is an expanded version of the midterm task and you may wish to develop your midterm paper. For example, it is possible to present a paper which considers the text which you wrote about in the midterm alongside one or more additional texts.
Please note that you can re-use ideas and quotations from your midterm paper but you must not copy chunks of text from the midterm.
As with the midterm, you might wish to consider one of the following areas:
How do the texts destabalise the border between humans and animals/aliens/robots/machines/cyborgs etc?
How do the texts question humanism or the humanist tradition?
Limits of rationality
Limits of human perception
Contamination of humanism
Ethical shortcomings of humanism
Issues concerning anthropocentrism
How do the texts explore what happens when human-nonhuman boundaries begin to come undone?
How do the texts deal with/represent non-human subjectivity?
How do the texts demonstrate the continuities between humanism and transhumanism?
How do the texts engage with the ethics of posthumanism?
How do the texts explore the connections between posthumanism and feminism?
Seminar papers are 5000-6500 words.
Referat papers are 3750 words.
Note that all Liberal Arts and Dual Degree students must submit a seminar paper for their major and their minor tracks.
The paper will account for 60% of the final grade.
It is due on 01.05.22 at 13:00
It should be submitted as an MS Word document via Moodle.
As with the midterm, you should include a one paragraph summary of each primary text.

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