Final Paper (ideally 8-10 pages) * Write about your family/or a fictional family

Final Paper (ideally 8-10 pages)
* Write about your family/or a fictional family
* No preference btwn focusing on your family as a snapshot of time or as they are now
* Description of your family should be no more than 2-3 pages (Biopsychosocial)
* Write from your own perspective (not as a therapist), but acknowledge that you are wearing two hats (member of family, assessing them as well)
* No “interaction” of family with therapist
* You may write, for instance “If we were to be in treatment, I would hope that the therapist has recognized these subsystems…”
* You will want to write to what the therapist would be seeing
* And/or “based on what I know of structured family therapy, this is what I see.. these are the allies… this is where the triangulation occurs… this is how my family does and would interact in this situation…”
* Definitely need to complete a genogram and submit as an appendix (e.g., Refer to Appendix A)
* Doesn’t count toward your page count
* Put the Genogram (appendix) before references
* Don’t need to do a BPS for each member of the family. The Family is the Unit. They’re the patient. Give a description, family constellation, say sth brief about each person. You can make it personal (outside and looking in at the same time). You’re subjective while also integrating these models of working with them. Filter it through Bowen’s or Structured Family Therapy, but you need to use both
* Pick one to go into detail with (Bowen or Structured Family Therapy) but you also need to be able to explain to Griffin the one you didn’t pick and why you didn’t pick it
* You can explain this decision at the beginning or end of paper
* Goal is to understand the model(s) and understand how to use/working with it
* You need to be able to assess your family and then talk about intervention(s)
* e.g., eventually I would have Person A and Person B sit in different places, or spend more time with the father who seems to be scapegoated in the family
* *Use the Group Reading on Using Songs*
* Griffin says you can find seven readings related to the prompt(s) of required readings
* *Use Yalom with creativity to cite use around family*
Please use one of each source must have at least 7 of the ones attached
Yalom chapters relevant to use are 13, 14, 15, 3, 5, 7, 8,, 2, 11
Van hook relevant chapters : 1, 2, 4, 6 , 11
Brandell chapter 7
Goldstein ch 9, 10, 11

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