explore masculinity indentity/ performance within sex education netflix series

explore masculinity indentity/ performance within sex education netflix series
2475 words not including referencing page
Students will be required to select a piece of media from a curated list including movies, documentaries, and TV series.
Students will be required to examine the representation of one gender identity/performance within their chosen piece of media. Students will use appropriate and relevant sociological theory to examine and explain this gender identity/ performance. In doing this, they will also critically examine the appropriate academic debates surrounding their choice of theory.
A list/suggestion of movies, documentaries and TV shows that students can select, will be provided within the module.
Should a student have any other suggestions that are not listed/recommended by the tutor, the student is advised to speak with the tutor directly.
How to Approach the Task
The essay task is a flexible one that enables you to explore any of the central themes of the module through choosing one you have found particularly interesting. You should begin by thinking about a representation of one gender identity/performance and pick a media piece that include this and provides you the scope to fully analyse and discuss the representation of your chosen gender identify/performance.
You should start with spending around 400 – 500 words outlining the gender identify/performance, providing the reader with the context and understanding of this.
Following this, the remainder of the essay should be spent examining the central theme/topic that aligns with your chosen gender identify/performance. When doing this ensure you also explore sociological theories to examine and explain your chosen gender identity/ performance. When doing this, you will need to engage with critical examination and discussions with reference to appropriate academic debates surrounding your choice of theory.
You should establish a list of readings you will work through to respond to the essay task. This reading list should comprise of both academic journal articles, academic books, and academic book chapters. Online resources such as study.com and tutor2u.net should not be used.
Read through each text, make notes on the key ideas and problems you can identify within each, try to identify the argument that is being put forward, and then think about how each argument you are reading fits with other ideas. Part of the assessment will involve you independently arranging the material and writing about the material in a coherent manner
Marking Criteria
The full marking criteria are in the module handbook, so make sure that you understand what is expected and think about how you can make sure that your work meets the criteria.
Markers will be assessing your understanding of the module and your chosen topic. You will also need to demonstrate the ability to review a range of literatures that relates to your topic. They will assess the clarity of the written communication, and the correct use of APA referencing will be assessed.

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