examining a child welfare issue that you want to learn more about, e.g., childre

examining a child welfare issue that you want to learn more about, e.g., children in poverty, the impact of violence and addiction on children, addressing the needs of military families, child abuse and neglect, trauma-sensitive educational settings, teenage pregnancy, immigration, juvenile court justice, etc. Your topic must be approved by your instructor beforehand. You could also explore a child welfare program or service (e.g., home-visiting programs, family preservation services, differential response, etc.).
After choosing an issue, you must use a combination of ten resources including peer-reviewed articles, government reports, newspaper articles (2 max), and scholarly websites (3 max) that are pertinent to the issue you select. Using these resources, you have to respond to all of the questions below.
1. Why did you choose this issue? What is the main type of maltreatment it addresses?I chose this because it would give me more insight on my child hood
2. Describe a program/or services provided in the issue/area you have chosen above.
3. What related legislation, policy, and laws affect the provision of the services meant to address the issue you chose?
4. Based on your review of your resources including course materials lectures/discussions, answer the following questions:
a. Do you think that the services provided to children and families in your chosen issue/area are effective? Why or why not?
b. What do you think should be done in the future to improve these services at the agency level? At the policy level? Cite examples from your resources to back up your argument.
The paper should be 6 to 8 pages, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins all-around and with the right-side margin not justified. You will be graded on content, grammar, spelling, sentence structure and your overall ability to articulate your ideas in writing. APA citation style must be used. Course materials, including lectures/discussions, must be integrated. Please include a cover page with your last name listed first and then your first name (e.g., Grimes, Rick). And lastly, please make sure to include page numbers. Any deviation of these formatting requirements will result in loss of points.

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