.Examine the problem from philosophical and psychological resources. Undergradua

.Examine the problem from philosophical and psychological resources. Undergraduates should utilize at least three scholarly resources (peer-reviewed or primary materials) – in addition to relevant materials used in class, and graduate students should use a minimum of five sources. Your paper should: 1) Provide a clear summary of the problem; 2) Clearly articulate how the twin perspectives of psychology and philosophy help illuminate and provide a working resolution of the problem (even if the resolution is partial); 3) Discuss how your research cultivates a “relational home” (as discussed by Stolorow) and/or aids in the development of virtues (be specific) that will enable you to live in the world with more compassion; and 4) Share what you will take away from this research project: Will it change the way you live? If so, how? If not, why not?

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