Evaluating the Selection Process Your company’s recruiting team collected candid

Evaluating the Selection Process
Your company’s recruiting team collected candidate data on a test battery composed of several selection assessments or procedures. Your task is to review available information about the current selection process, evaluate the selection process to determine the extent to which it is meeting the organization’s needs, provide your expert opinion on the extent to which the selection process is legally defensible, and offer recommendations for changes to the selection process. The outcome of this assignment is a technical report for the HR leaders in your organization.
Note, there is no one best way to design a selection process as multiple factors should be considered and judgment is involved. This assignment is intended to give you an opportunity to thoughtfully consider several types of common challenges that arise with selection processes and to think through possible ways to improve the process based on what you learned in the course. As such, your review and recommendations should be well reasoned and supported by the relevant scholarly sources (for example, the course text, peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and professional standards such as the SIOP “Principles for the Validation and Use of Selection Procedures”).
Assignment Instructions
In a 5-7-page technical report:
State the purpose of the report and provide a brief description of the available information about the selection process that informed your evaluation (what type of information is available, when it was collected, et cetera.)
Evaluate the selection process with respect to the following, providing support from the scholarly literature and professional standards (for example, SIOP principles):
Job-relatedness: Evaluate the sufficiency of the available evidence to support the job-relatedness of each selection assessment.
Professional guidelines: What patterns are you observing based on the results? What is working well and what challenges are present with consideration to the following professional guidelines for selection procedures?
Validity: Prediction of important performance and business outcomes.
Legal defensibility: Adverse impact risk for protected groups (for example, women, candidates age 40 and older, or ethnic groups).
Candidate reactions (the candidate experience).
Practical considerations (for example, cost-benefit, or feedback from key stakeholders such as recruiters or hiring managers).
Make recommendations for the selection process, addressing each of the following questions posed by the business leaders:
Do you recommend retaining the assessment battery in its current form or making changes? Why?
If you would make any changes to the selection battery, provide recommendations for what you would retain and what changes or next steps you would take to address the challenges that you identified in your evaluation of the job-relatedness and professional guidelines for validity, adverse impact, the candidate experience, and practical considerations.
What changes, if any, would you recommend making to the way selection decisions are made based on the selection assessments (for example, top-down selection, multiple hurdle, or using cutoff scores)?
How do you anticipate your recommended changes will improve the alignment of the selection process with the organization’s objectives?
Support your recommendations based on scholarly literature and professional standards for best practices in selection and assessment (for example, SIOP principles).

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