ESSAY Note: You receive no credit for repeating the facts in your answer. [Any r

Note: You receive no credit for repeating the facts in your answer.
[Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.]
On April 27, 2021, Ms. S, a citizen of France, was running for Mount Saint Vincent Adult Ed Class President. She gave a loud speech, in the college’s courtyard, near Founder’s Hall. She told the audience of about 100 people that her opponent, Ms. E, had leprosy, RPI Deficiency, and had stolen thousands of dollars from Mount Saint Vincent.
Ms. K was from Argentina. She was in the audience. She was nervous, because she was the class Treasurer, and was allowed to sign checks for class activities. For months, she had access to blank Mount Saint Vincent checks. Every week, wrote a check to “Kelly Instructional Aids, Inc.” and cashed each one at a new mall that opened in Maryland, using fake i.d.
Suddenly, Ms. M, Ms. E’s friend, visiting from Florida, jumped up and whipped out a pistol from her pocketbook. She yelled, “You’re a damn liar!” and aimed at Ms. S. Ms. S instantly saw the gun and ducked below the lectern. Ms. M fired several times. One of the bullets struck Ms. T, who had wandered onto the campus from Riverdale Avenue, carefully avoiding the security guard, looking for something to steal. People began shouting and running. Ms. M yelled as loud as she could, “Fire! There’s fire in Founder’s Hall!” Then she ran away.
Ms. B, a Pennsylvania resident, was nearby, and had been drinking. She called out, “I’m a doctor!” which was not true. She began helping Ms. T, and accidentally broke Ms. T’s arm. Then she laughed about it, and Ms. T was very upset, and had a bad anxiety attack.
Ms. O, a security officer for Mount Saint Vincent, was listening to the speech and tried to catch Ms. M. In the confusion, she accidentally grabbed Ms. R. Mistakenly thinking she was the shooter, she locked Ms. R in a storage closet, in the Fonthill Castle, for two (2) hours.
Mr. J was present in the courtyard because he was trying to convince the school to agree to his terms for a teaching position. While there, he sold several students Rolex watches, for $50 each. His ankle was grazed by a ricocheting bullet, but there was no blood and he was running away when he tripped and fell, injuring his back.
Discuss all the present laws, rights, liabilities and legal implications involved in the above fact pattern from all the characters’ points of view, according to the subjects studied in this course.

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