Each student will write a short research paper, not to exceed 10 pages double-sp

Each student will write a short research paper, not to exceed 10 pages double-spaced, including tables, analyzing the impact of Michigan’s 1994 tax and school finance reforms (i.e., “Proposal A”), subsequent school choice legislation (i.e., charter schools and “schools of choice”) and Michigan’s fiscal condition on his or her local school district.
At a minimum, your paper should discuss the following topics:
Impact on local school district operating millage rates, for both homesteads
and non-homestead property; Does your district levy any “hold harmless” millage or local enrichment millage? What are the relative local, state, and federal shares of your district’s operating revenue? Does your district levy a debt millage or sinking fund millage?
Impact on school district revenue; What have your district’s annual foundation allowance and per pupil operating revenue levels been since 2015?
What has happened with enrollment in your school district in recent years? Does your district enroll nonresident students under Michigan’s “Schools of Choice” program? Can you estimate the effect of charter schools and “schools of choice” programs on your district’s enrollments? How have enrollment changes affected financing in your district?
How have the finance reforms affected collective bargaining in your district (e.g., terms or duration of the bargaining agreement)? On staffing levels or class size? Has your district recently offered a retirement incentive to staff? If so, what was the result in terms of financial savings and staffing?
How have the finance reforms affected programs or services provided in your school district over the past four or five years? Has your district eliminated or scaled back particular programs or services recently because of revenue limitations?
6. What is your school district’s fund balance (i.e., “financial reserves”) going into the current fiscal year? (This figure is usually expressed as both a dollar amount and a percentage of your district’s current operating expenditures.) What has the district’s fund balance been in recent years? What accounts for the changes in the fund balance? Does your district have a policy or informal position regarding a “target” fund balance?

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