Content Area Portfolio: Technology Integration Statement Assignment Description

Content Area Portfolio: Technology Integration Statement
Assignment Description
For this section of your Content Area Portfolio, you will compose a statement of technology integration that also includes descriptions and justifications for using 4 resources. Keep in mind that technology is neither good nor bad, but it can be powerful. How might you use tech in helpful—and even powerful—ways to aid your own and students’ questioning, exploring, information gathering, organizing, knowledge building, problematizing, representing and re-representing of ideas, and/or communicating in your discipline?
Part 1: For the first part, you will explain, in general terms, how you envision integrating technology to support your students’ explorations of disciplinary literacy in your area. Aim for 1 page, double-spaced.
Part 2: For the second part, identify and succinctly describe how you would use specific technological tools (i.e., apps, web 2.0 programs, platforms, devices) to enhance instruction. Important to this last point is that you briefly explain (a) what the tool is for and (b) how it will enhance instructionally worthy goals. In other words, what will it help you and/or your students do better? Aim for 2 pages, double-spaced.
You must include the following kinds of technologies:
2 resources for your own use as a teacher (teacher facing), and
2 resources for student use (student facing).

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