Compulsory Problem Question… Calvin has worked for Troubled Local Authority Co

Compulsory Problem Question…
Calvin has worked for Troubled Local Authority Council (LAC) for three years and has an exemplary employment record. He is a support worker assisting vulnerable young adults to learn to live independently. His tasks involve running weekly classes on cooking, shopping and finance for the young adults at the Council offices. During the pandemic Calvin held these classes on-line, but this was difficult. Troubled LAC have just informed Calvin that from next month these classes will be in rooms on the Council office site. Troubled LAC has just introduced a policy that unless an employee is double vaccinated, they will not be allowed onto the Council premises. This policy was communicated to all staff who were informed that there were no exceptions and this was for the welfare of all staff and service users.
Calvin is very concerned as he has refused to be vaccinated because of his faith. He also hopes to start a family with his wife in the next few months and is concerned that being vaccinated will affect his fertility. He has informed his line manager at Troubled LAC that he has not been vaccinated and has no intention of doings so. His line manager told Calvin that he is required to now run classes on Council premises and that he needs to be double vaccinated to do so. Calvin received a letter from the Chief Executive of Troubled LAC stating that Calvin has one week to confirm that he is double vaccinated and able to return to work on site.
Advise Calvin
1. as to whether he can commence proceedings against Troubled LAC; and
2. of any Convention rights that might be applicable; and
3. of any remedies available to Calvin.
Answers to this question should examine the relevant provisions of the Human Rights Act 1998 and relevant domestic case law.
Other legislation may be relevant, but the question does not require a detailed knowledge of it and the assessment criteria requires a focus on the Human Rights Act 1998.
-This paper must have in-text references in HARVARD style and a Bibliography in the end.
-1925 is a word limit without including in text references and bibliography so these two are further in word limit. It must be around 2000 with in text references in harvard style please.

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