Cindy’s three stated goals are to 1) save for Retirement, 2) pay off Credit Card

Cindy’s three stated goals are to 1) save for Retirement, 2) pay off Credit Cards, and 3) build a Safety Fund. Make recommendations to Cindy that will enable her to achieve these goals and begin building financial security. Your paper should be in essay form and a minimum of 500 substantive words, but no more than 750 words. Refer to the Rubric attached to the assignment for grading criteria. Upload one pdf, Google docs or word document.
Your essay should include, but is not limited to:
One paragraph
Your introduction should state your purpose in writing this paper and make the reader want to read it.
You should summarize Cindy’s current situation (without restating the entire case), pointing out flaws in the financial choices she is making and explaining why these choices are detrimental to her financial security. Also, give a high-level preview on how you will help correct her situation.
The last sentence should be your Thesis Statement.
One to two paragraphs
Make specific recommendations for how Cindy can achieve her goals. Explain which budget line-items she should change, and show how those decisions will translate into her meeting her goals. Provide realistic dollar amounts and achievable timelines (remember SMART Goals). Use guidelines from the text and course, and your own experience, to determine how much she should be saving and spending.
Give her strategies to ensure she stays on track.
One paragraph
Summarize main points, circle back to your introduction, or use another format to create a sense of closure.

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