Choose one of the four possible topics below, and write or produce a video essay

Choose one of the four possible topics below, and write or produce a video essay about it. The paper or video should make specific reference to (i.e. directly cite) concepts from Chapter 6 “Communication, Technology, and Society” and/or Chapter 10 “Journalists as Content Producers,” and other course concepts from the lectures.
In addition, you will do research in the scholarly journal databases and find at least one recent (2010 +) peer-reviewed journal article that provides one or more key concepts, ideas, explanations, or theoretical frameworks that can help you to think through and develop your ideas and build an argument. Two or more direct quotations from the article must be used in the paper, and explained in your own words, to develop and support your argument.
Further note that this is an analytical written or video essay, so it must have a clear thesis statement that takes a stance and makes an argument. An excellent argument will introduce an idea, explain and analyze it, then further use that idea to ask a question or show a gap in thinking which your next section or idea addresses. In this way your five-paragraph essay can start to move beyond supplying three loosely connected subtopics toward the construction of an essay that uses concepts as scaffolding and builds each idea, explanation and critical analysis on top of the previous one, tying it all together in the conclusion.

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