Choose an area of development discussed in class (such as cognitive, language, o

Choose an area of development discussed in class (such as cognitive, language, or
1. Explain the basics of this area of development. Use your text, lecture notes, and at least
one empirical article. An empirical article is a research article that reports the results of
a study using data derived from actual observation or experimentation.
2. Locate a video on YouTube (or another internet source) that provides a suggestion for
facilitating or enhancing the developmental area you have chosen. Remember, the
video you choose should focus on ways to work with preschool-age children (age 3-5) in
the developmental domain that you chose. Videos should be around 5-10 minutes long.
For example, if you have chosen to focus on cognitive development, you may want to
zero in on children’s numeracy skills (which is part of cognitive development). An
example of a video you could use is: 5 simple activities to teach your child how to count numbers with SJ Strum!
Or, perhaps you are interested in children’s creative development. This is a video you
might consider using: How to teach art to preschoolers
The video you choose may be a good example of how to enhance children’s
development, or a poor one. The numeracy video I provided is a good example, the
creative one is a poor example.
3. Write a paper that does the following four things:
a. Summarizes the development of preschool-age children in the
the developmental domain you have chosen using your text, lecture notes, and
the empirical article you located.
b. Briefly summarize the video you have chosen.
c. Critically evaluate the video you have chosen. Does this video recommend
facilitating children’s development in the way in which your textbook and
lecture notes suggest? In other words, compare the information in the
video with the information given in your textbook and lecture notes. It is
your job to analyze the video you have chosen (using your lecture notes and
textbook). DO NOT simply summarize the video, dig in, tell me how it rates!
d. Includes a reference list with your video link, textbook, lecture notes, and
empirical article. Don’t forget to include your text, any internet sources used, and empirical articles. If you are using lecture notes, they are not included in your reference list. Instead, they are noted in the body of your paper as personal communication.

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