Choice 11: How is being a participant – playing a sport or acting in a play, ict

Choice 11: How is being a participant – playing a sport or acting in a play, ict
instance – different from being a spectator? Write a comparison-ant-
contrast essay in which you answer this question. for choice 11, you must be specific — name the sport or name whether it is theater or dance or acting, etcContrast Introduction – Should:
The first sentence that includes that two subjects the essay will be about AND introduces a contrast to your Thesis
Follow the first sentence with 2-3 examples
Use transitional words or phrases (showing “contrast”) to connect your ThS to the part that went before.
Make your Thesis Statement the last sentence of the introduction
Essay: Subject-by-Subject Format or Point-by-Point Format
Conclusion paragraph for Essay 3:
Your conclusion should have Part A that:
restates the Thesis using different words,
gives a brief summary of the the main point from your ts’s (in list form)
Part B:
the next sentence that
refers back to the contrast part of your Introduction paragraph.
This third element of the Conclusion should be about 1 sentence in length and
will likely start with a transition of contrast (see Transitions list, Patterns, p. 55).
The last few sentences – something that adds interest (Patterns, pp. 58-60Conclusion paragraph: Underline the sentence(s) that reflects back the introduction

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