Cathy Vann Unit III Discussion Board Question In Stage Three, finger pointing an

Cathy Vann
Unit III Discussion Board Question
In Stage Three, finger pointing and “I told you so” syndrome can take over. Explain why you believe this happens. Provide a recent example, and describe what the organization or person could have done to avoid the finger pointing from happening.
Regina Boykin
RE: Unit III Discussion Board Question
Growing up I was taught “pointing fingers and blaming others for wrongdoing” in their lives, there will always be three pointing back at you. If I use myself as an example as a teenager it was easy to push the blame on my siblings, or teachers, friends and not take accountability because it’s easy to push blame on someone else to escape the underlining issue with ourselves. Blame is an effortless tactic to use when feeling defensive.
Look at America History as a whole. All through history, I/we read how “The urge to blame is an innate human impulse dating back a million years or more”. If we read the bible” God commanded Adam and Eve to eat from every tree of the garden freely; but not of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die. When Eve ate from the tree, she “told God that the serpent made her”. Adam told God that Eve made him eat from the tree.
Blame comes easily to all of us if we are honest with ourselves. Blame allows individuals not to change or take accountability for their actions or make positive changes.

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