Case study: Elements of practice Nurse Johns is assigned to insert a new nasogas

Case study: Elements of practice Nurse Johns is assigned to insert a new nasogastric tube for Mrs. Smith, who lives alone with her paid caregivers in a large home overlooking a lake. When you arrive, you notice that Mrs. Smith is comatose and quietly lying in her bed, which has an ornate headboard facing a large picture window with a view of the lake. There is nothing in the room or on the headboard except a small statue of Quan Yin, Bodhisattva of compassion. Quan Yin’s hand, symbolizing the hand of mercy and compassion, is lightly attached, as is customary, because it can be removed. Answer the following questions about holistic nursing and then compare your responses to the “nurse’s answers” that follow.
1. What approach to the care of Mrs. Smith would differentiate that nursing care as “holistic”?
2. Give examples for employing each of the five elements of practice that complement the assigned task of nasogastric tube insertion.
3. Using a holistic approach to assessment and diagnosis of Mrs. Smith’s environment and your knowledge of nursing theories mentioned here, would you consider any interventions related to that assessment?
Assignment: Write a 3 page discussion paper related to the above case study. Be sure to answer all the questions. APA format, title page and a reference page must be included.

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