By Wednesday at 11:59 pm Eastern Time please post an “Initial Post” in response

By Wednesday at 11:59 pm Eastern Time please post an “Initial Post” in response to the topic requirements on each discussion during its scheduled week. Also, required for each discussion are three (3) replies to at least three different classmates, due by Sunday at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. Discussions are scholarly dialogs, so while sharing what you think and not just what published authors wrote is encouraged, only stating opinion isn’t acceptable. Instead, thoughtfully integrate relevant theory and research you read about this week and strive to make connections between that academic content and your own observations and experiences. Formal citations are not required in the discussion. Your responses to the postings of other students should be relevant and substantive. Reply posts containing just a few sentences or statements of agreement or disagreement only or that stray away from the topic or repeat what another classmate has already said in his or her posts does not demonstrate substantive discussion. Please be certain to post the name of the person you are responding to in each post you make. This is essential for tracking who said what to whom. Please at minimum 100 words per reply

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